Can I Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again? You Absolutely Can

Can I make my boyfriend love me again?” That’s the million dollar question you wish you had the answer to, isn’t it? It’s been hard since the break up. A day hasn’t passed in which you didn’t long to feel his arms around you again. You wish every night before you fall asleep that when you wake up it will have all been just a horrible bad dream. Trying to cope with all the conflicting feelings you have is exhausting. One moment you’re thinking about how much you adore him and the next moment you’re seething with anger over the way he dumped you. It’s unimaginably hard and all you want is for the pain to go away. Getting him to love you again will accomplish that but that seems much easier said than done, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. You actually hold most of the power over whether you two get back together in your hands. The secret now is learning how to use that power to your advantage.

Your boyfriend was crazy about you at one time. I know that you think fondly, and often, about those times and you wish that you could wave a magical wand over his head that would make him forget the break up and want to be with you again. Although you don’t have any magical powers you do have the advantage of insight. Men are notorious for holding grudges, particularly when it comes to romance. Most women don’t understand that one wrong move or word on their part can kill a man’s desire. That’s why the first move that you absolutely must make now if you want to get your guy to fall back in love with you is to apologize. Yes, I know that’s a hard pill to swallow if you were the one who was dumped. But all isn’t fair in love and war and you need to be the bigger person in this and tell him you’re sorry for how things ended.

You must also show him that life without him can be just as satisfying and fulfilling to you as life with him has been. As a woman, after a break up you wish that he would fall to his knees and proclaim his undying devotion to you, right? Doesn’t it give you goose bumps if you imagine what it would feel like if he called you while crying to beg you to come back to him? We love the thought of that because it oozes romance to us. It’s all about not being able to life without one another. However, your boyfriend is a man and what appeals to him is much different than what appeals to you.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend to Chase After You Again

A woman who is reserved, balanced and seems to not care is the type of woman that men chase after. If you act as though you don’t need your ex boyfriend, he’s not going to be able to get enough of you. Right now, he knows that you’d do just about anything to get him to want you again. If you suddenly stop chasing him and if you go from eager to not interested, he’ll want to know why. His mind will conjure up many different scenarios including the idea that you’ve met someone else. The moment your ex thinks that could be even a remote possibility, he’ll want you again.

Here’s what you should be doing starting today if you want to get him to love you again: Ignore him, ignore him and ignore him. Drop out of sight for a few weeks. Have fun and forget about him to the best of your ability. Your absence is going to be deafening to him. He’ll want you more because he’ll assume he can’t have you anymore.

The time after the break up is really the defining moments for the relationship. It can either fall apart forever at this point, or with your intervention, it can be repaired and can flourish. You are in control of your destiny and by being a confident woman who is self sufficient, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the man you love to want you again.

You’re not alone in your break up. You can read about my personal struggle when my boyfriend dumped me. I hope you learn from my insight and can use some of the tips I share to get your man back and deeper in love with you than he ever was before.


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