Find Out How to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back!

So you and your man are no longer together and you keep trying to call him but he is not picking up. You keep sending him text messages and he barely responds. If you have just gone through a break up or are trying to get a hold of an ex from some time ago, you want to make sure you do it right.


Calling your ex boyfriend non stop in the hopes he will pick up at some point, is first of all wrong and secondly, will not help. If you send him message after message begging for him to respond, stop. You are only hurting your chances at getting him back. In fact, you most likely are pushing him further and further away from you. If you want your ex boyfriend back again, you need to be sure to do the right thing.


Give him some space if you two have just recently broke up. If you are trying to get in touch with an ex from the past, try not to try as hard to get a hold of him. He knows your number and he sees those phone calls and text messages from you. Let him have some time before you try to call him again. He may just need a bit of time before he talks to you again, so respect that.


Remember to consider why the relationship did not last. Think about why you two are not together at the moment. If there were things you were doing that you know were causing a problem, fix them. Repair those mistakes as soon as you can before you get back together with him. It will help make your new relationship last much longer.


Blaming him just because he was the one, who left you, is again wrong. Blaming your ex boyfriend for everything that went bad in the relationship is not right. The break up is on the two of you and you need to realize that before you try to win him back. Take responsibility for the mistakes you made back then. Let your ex see that you are really trying to become better at those.


Break ups are not easy and if you really do want your ex boyfriend back again then you need to stop making the wrong moves. Stop calling him and calling him. Remember to give him his space and allow him the time to miss you. You want him to come back to you, right? So follow the steps above to better your chances at winning him back.

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