How Can I Make Him Realize What He Lost? Get Your Ex to Regret the Break Up

The question you’re wishing you had an answer to is, “how can I make him realize what he lost?” It’s understandable given the circumstances that you’ve been forced to deal with. You were dumped by a man you utterly adored. You know, deep within your heart, that you’re the perfect woman for him. He, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to share that same sentiment. You feel a lot of different emotions but one that you keep circling back to is frustration. You just want him to wake up and realize that he lost the best thing in his life. It will happen. It always happens in time but if you’re impatient, there are ways to speed things up so he starts coming to the realization that he dumped the one woman who could complete him.

Telling him that he lost the best thing he ever had is never going to end well. You’re going to expect him to jump up and realize that you speak the truth. He, on the other, hand is only going to hear the emotional ramblings of a woman he dumped. He’ll be uncomfortable, maybe even a bit angered but he’s not going to melt into your arms declaring his renewed love and devotion to you. That only happens in romance novels and Hollywood films. Your guy, is bound to shake his head in disagreement, maybe even let a small laugh escape and he’ll likely tell you that you’re delusional or that you need to get a life.

Actions are the vehicle you need to prove your point to your ex boyfriend. You need to do certain, very specific things that will make him instantly regret breaking up with you. Here’s a short tip list on some things you can try:

Be extra nice to him. You’ve heard the old saying about killing them with kindness? This tactic is a spin on that. You’re going to make him crave you by caring about him. You must keep your wits about you while you do this though as it’s easy to fall prey to being just “too nice.” Here’s what I suggest you do. Drop all negativity when you’re around your ex. Ask about his life and seem genuinely interested. If he happens to mention that he’s been dating someone new, talk about how great she sounds, without going overboard. Always end each conversation by wishing him the best. Smile, smile and smile.

Apologize for the past. As women we tend to use an apology as a special occasion. We plan for it, we buy a gift and we make it into something it doesn’t need to be. All you’re going to do is say, “I’m sorry,” to your ex boyfriend. No added fanfare and no explaining anything. If he asks what you’re apologizing for just say for the past and add that you’re sorry you were so immature and emotional. That’s all you have to say. This will impact him in a very deep way.

Stay just out of his reach. I want you to imagine that there is an invisible wall between you and your ex boyfriend. You can see him, but touching him in any way, emotionally or physically is impossible. If you can do this, you’re going to make him think twice about the break up. This works so well for one very big reason. You’re going to appear just a bit uninterested. When he calls, you’ll be the one ending the conversation first. If your ex boyfriend asks you out for lunch, say you’re busy but you have an opening the week after next. By doing this, you’re showing him, through your actions, that he has slid down the priority totem pole of your life. He’s no longer at the top and many other things, and people come before him. He’ll be impacted in a very emotional way by this. He’ll feel disconnected from you and that’s very much what you need and want.

It’s very hard to remain in control of what you’re feeling if you’re dealing with a man you adore who dumped you. I know that it can be so tempting to just bring up the break up and demand to know why he discarded you. Don’t do that. Follow the advice above and you’ll start noticing a shift in his attitude. Suddenly, you’ll become someone he can’t seem to get enough of.

You can read more about my personal story getting my ex boyfriend back here. I know things may feel confusing and cloudy now, but there is a way to change all of that and recapture his attention and his heart. Stay strong.

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