How Can I Make Him Regret Losing Me? It’s All In Your Attitude

How can I make him regret losing me?” There’s the one question you’ve been longing to find an answer to, right? You feel so incredibly lost since the break up. You know in your mind that you should really just pick up the pieces of your broken life and move on but you don’t really know how to accomplish that. What your heart tells you is much different. It’s screaming at you to do whatever you can to make him see what he lost so he comes running back to you, heart in hand, begging you to be his girl again. If only it were as easy as wishing to make it happen. Unfortunately, it’s not. If you truly want to make the man curse the day you walked out of his life, you have to shift your attitude and show him a whole other side of the woman he once couldn’t live without.


The First Step to Make Him Regret the Break Up

The first, and definitely most important, step to take when you want to ensure your ex regrets the moment of the break up is to become the woman you’ve always longed to be. We all wish there were things about ourselves we could change. They don’t necessarily have to be related to our physical beings. For instance, if you’ve long wished you could pursue a degree, enrol in night classes. If you’ve toyed with the idea of changing careers, do some research into that now. Whatever you’ve had on your personal self improvement to-do list should be your sole focus. This is the moment in your life when you can become the woman you’ve always known you had the potential to be.

Don’t Use Jealousy to Make Him Wish He Had You Back

Many women mistakenly jump to the incorrect conclusion that in order to make their ex feel deep regret he has to imagine them with another man. It makes sense in a very logical world, but love and emotion are far from logical. If you travel down this heady road and you attempt to make your ex jealous, you’re going to end up feeling more alone than you do now. Men aren’t like us. They don’t feel the fire of envy boiling within them when they see an ex with another lover. For us, as women, this is often the catalyst that makes us rush back to our ex, hearts all confused, ready to do whatever he wants to make the relationship work. Men would much rather just walk away for good. If your ex boyfriend sees, hears or even imagines that you’re dating another man, he’ll push you out of his heart forever. The only regret he will feel is regret for not ending the relationship sooner. Hell believe, based on your actions, that you had one foot out the door for months and were just waiting to grab your chance to be with someone else.

Maturity as a Tool to Make Him Remember His Love for You

I know how difficult it is to stay poised when you are faced with something as tumultuous as a painful breakup. You feel as though your heart is on your sleeve and you struggle to understand what you should be doing tomorrow, let alone for the rest of your life. Those emotions are personal and should be kept as such. If you call your ex asking him repeatedly why he dumped you or what you can do to win him back, you’re devaluing who you are as a potential, future partner to him. You have to resist all temptation to do that. You must stay strong and focused on the end goal which is that future that you dream of.

If you distance yourself from your ex boyfriend for a time and show him that you’re strong with or without him, he’ll soon start to regret the break up. He’ll see all the qualities in you that he initially fell for. He’ll remember the woman who could make him laugh at the drop of a hat and who could touch his heart unlike anyone else. By being strong, self focused and removed, you will be drawing him back in and the only bait you have to use is maturity and patience.

Learn about my personal journey to get my ex boyfriend back. It’s never as bleak as it seems – you can get him to love you again if you understand the steps you need to take and what you must avoid doing.

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