My Boyfriend Dumped Me Out of Nowhere! How to Recover and Get Him Back

It’s happened. You never imagined it would happen to you, but there it is. It’s not a nightmare, it’s not even a bad dream, it’s your new reality. Your boyfriend dumped you out of nowhere and now you’re left to pick up the pieces of your heart and your life and move on. You’re angry, aren’t you? You’re sadder than you’ve ever been and on top of all of that, you’re utterly and completely confused. You didn’t see it coming and now you’re left questioning where the warning signs were. How did you go from basking in the glow of a loving, mutually satisfying relationship to nursing a broken heart? Beyond that, what are you supposed to do now? Is the right thing to try and move forward without the man you love or is there still a glimmer of hope of a reunion with him? I’m here to tell you that whatever you do, don’t give up!

Whenever a relationship comes to an end, it’s very hard. You have to reflect on what went wrong and what you could have done differently as a romantic partner to ensure a happier ending. It’s really a time for self reflection and for looking towards a better future. However, when the break up comes out of left field and knocks you off your feet, that changes the entire post relationship process. You not only have to wake up the next day to face the fact that you’re no longer with the man you love, but you have to wonder why he decided to end things.

Your ex boyfriend hasn’t gotten out of this emotionally unscathed even though you may think that he has. It’s painful to dump someone even if you don’t care about them as much as you once did. Some men start to have lingering doubts about how much they truly love their girlfriend so instead of talking to her about it, they dump her. It’s a knee jerk reaction that can definitely lead to some bitter second thoughts later on. Right now your ex boyfriend may be wondering what he could do that would erase the horrible mistake he made when he told you it was over.

The Best Thing to Do When You’re Dumped Out of the Blue

The best advice I can offer in a situation like this is to sit tight and don’t react in any way. I know that’s impossibly hard when you want to call him up and scream at him for dumping you. That will only cause more damage to an already precarious connection. You really must retreat, regroup and plan what you’re going to do next.

Many women who are dumped out of nowhere believe that it’s because their ex was interested in someone else. That may very well be. You’ll only know if you hear through the gossip grapevine that he’s dating again soon after he ended things with you. The most important thing to remember in a situation like this that rebound relationship notoriously crash and burn. He may have indeed dumped you for someone else but it’s very, very unlikely to last.

Starting today focus mainly on what you can do to feel better. Don’t think about that in terms of your ex boyfriend. He’s out of your peripheral vision for now. I’m not going to suggest that you forget about him because I know that’s not possible. But I do want you to think about one thing you can do for yourself each and every day to feel better. It may be eating healthier, taking up an exercise program, spending time with friends or even indulging in a new outfit. Just do something that pampers you and only you.

You must get your wits back before you approach your ex. Doing this will take time and effort on your part. You have to build up your emotional strength again so you can face him head- on without shedding a tear. As you work towards this goal just keep telling yourself that you’re more than enough for him and one day he’ll realize it, because one day he really will.

When you do find your inner strength, text your ex again and show him that you’re the more emotionally mature, and compassionate person. By sending certain, very specific text messages to him you can actually pull him back to you with very little effort. The key is to be in control, be calm and be the confident woman you know you are.

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