No Contact Support! How to Get Through Not Talking to Your Ex Boyfriend

How’s the no contact portion of your plan to get your ex boyfriend back working? If you’re anything like I was back when I was trying to get my guy back, you’re failing miserably. Why is it so impossibly hard to not talk to a man who dumped you? Logically it makes no sense, right? He broke your heart, he may have told you in no uncertain terms that he had enough of you, but still you pine for him and wish he’d just give you another chance so you call to ask him if that’s a possibility. Your heart is in control and your head just can’t get a grip on the situation. That’s why I’m here to lend a helping hand. There were several things I did when I was immersed in the no contact phase and I want to offer my wisdom to you so you struggle less than I did.

Here’s a few techniques you may want to use to help you ensure you don’t contact your ex boyfriend. Some are simple, some a bit more challenging but all are designed to help you get over the rough patches:

Delete his cell number from your phone. Yes, I know you know his number off by heart, but that’s not the point at this moment. Right now you are going to take away the tangible temptation that you see each time you scroll to his name in your phone’s address book and you feel the urge to either call or text him. If you remove the number, I promise that you won’t always feel the pull to contact him as strongly. It really does help. Try it. You’re going to feel a bit empowered by this as well because it shows you that you do have control over the situation.

Volunteer somewhere that really needs you. My friend Julie suggested this after my break up and I thought she was joking at first. I didn’t see how I could possibly help anyone else when I was so stuck in my own sorrow. She pushed me to do it and I did and it was fantastic. Not only was it helpful in that it gave me a new focus so I was less tempted to call my ex, but it was cathartic. I was able to assist people who really needed me (I read to elderly folks in a local hospital) and I thought less and less about my own personal struggles.

Take your vacation now! I love this suggestion because it’s as if you’re spoiling yourself at the expense of your boyfriend. No, you’re not going to ask him to pay for your getaway to the beach, but emotionally it’s going to help you in two very distinct ways. You’re going to remove yourself from his life by leaving the city, or country you live in, and you’re going to have a breath of fresh air that won’t smell anything like your break up. You’ll be free and you’ll see within a few hours of arriving at your vacation destination that you really can have fun without your ex boyfriend. You may even forget about him for a time. (That’s a bonus, ladies!)

Consider just how much it will impact him. I want you to do something very simple for me right now. I want you to close your eyes and envision what your future could look like if your ex come running back asking you to be his again. What if he was more attentive, loving and devoted to you than he ever had been before? That sounds like a farfetched romantic pipe dream, doesn’t it? It’s not. If you gently persuade him to see just how much he needs you, you can have that ideal relationship with him and more. But to do that you first need to show him what a treasured gift you are. You CAN do that by cutting off all contact with him.

It gets easier each and every day you don’t speak to your ex boyfriend. Yes, there are going to be days that feel much harder than others. That’s to be expected and you can handle those by busying yourself with a project or hanging out with friends. Get through each day, one at a time and you’ll soon realize just how empowered emotionally you feel.

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