Loving an Ex Boyfriend

How I Got My Ex Boyfriend Back

Almost every woman has been faced with the heart ache of a man she loves deciding he wants the relationship to be over. When it happened to me, I felt as though I was watching the only man I loved walking out of my life for good. I couldn’t eat, sleep or even focus on my work. My life came screeching to a halt and all I really wanted was for him to take me back.

It didn’t take long before I found out that he was already seeing someone new. This only made the pain I was feeling worse. I couldn’t understand how he could go from loving me to spending time with a new woman just weeks later. I knew she couldn’t be right for him.  I just didn’t know how to get that point across to him.

I made a huge mistake. I called him. I was emotional, almost hysterical and I begged him to dump her and take me back. He hung up on me more than once and completely ignored all my emails and text messages. I reached a point where I was desperate and tried to enlist the help of friends. I wanted them to talk to him for me. They all told me the same thing – to move on and forget him.

A caring and very honest friend finally told me that I needed to change what I was doing if I wanted any chance with him again. My whole approach, up to that point, consisted of crying, begging and pleading. It wasn’t working and the more time that passed, the more panicked I was becoming.

I decided that it was time for me to get serious about getting him back. I loved him and I wanted him and I wasn’t about to lose him forever to anyone else. It was then that I found a new approach and in no time at all he was the one calling me.

If you are stuck in this same situation and you love an old boyfriend, you can get him back forever and deeper in love with you than he was before. This worked for me. We’re back together and staying that way.

Mistakes to Avoid

What You Should Not Be Doing to Get Him Back

Right after the relationship with my boyfriend ended I felt as though my life was on hold. The only thing I could focus on was him and what went wrong. I played the past few weeks of our relationship, before the break up, over and over again in my mind. I was trying to find an answer to why the split happened. I also couldn’t stop thinking about getting him back. My mind was so consumed by thoughts of him that I let my emotions guide all my actions. I made some horrible mistakes.

Here’s a list of things I did that you need to NOT do if you are trying to get your old boyfriend back:

Waiting for him to call. I was guilty of doing this the first few weeks after the break up with my boyfriend and it was a big mistake. I was so worried that he’d call me at home that I didn’t venture out except to go to work. I actually even called in sick one day for fear of missing his call. Days and days passed with no call. I wasted a lot of time waiting. Don’t do this. Go on with your life and do all your normal activities. Sitting by a phone will not make it ring.

Ask him to explain the break up. If you are feeling a little lost about why the relationship ended, now is not the time to ask him about it. You’re too emotional right after the split and anything he says (or doesn’t say) is going to hurt. He likely won’t even have an answer for you. Don’t put him on the spot by asking why he doesn’t want or love you anymore.

Buy him gifts. This is another mistake that I made. I thought that if I sent him something I knew he wanted, that he’d see the error of his ways and want me back. It didn’t work that way at all. He returned the gift to me. It made me feel even worse.

Making even one mistake can cost you the chance to get him back. There are things you should be doing to get him back -learn what they are right now.

The Other Woman

What to Do if He’s Already Got a New Girlfriend

A break up itself can be devastating if you are still in love with your boyfriend, but if he jumps into a new relationship soon after ending yours, it can make you feel even worse. This is exactly what happened to me and the moment I realized he had moved on, I was certain I could feel my heart breaking inside my chest. I felt sick to my stomach and so sad. I was angry too and it was that anger that made me want to confront him. Not only did I want to ask him how he could be with someone so soon after being with me but I also wanted to tell him that he was making a huge mistake. I didn’t realize at that moment that even if your boyfriend has a new girlfriend, you can still get him back.

If your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend you must handle the situation in a very specific way. If you don’t you’ll risk losing him forever to her or to some other woman.

If it’s at all possible, try your best to avoid being in a situation where you will have to spend time with the two of them together. If you know that he’s going to be at a social function that you are supposed to be at, don’t go. You’ll only be torturing yourself if you have to be face-to-face with him and his new girl.

If you can’t avoid it, you’ll need to be prepared to meet her. This is a tough one but how you handle it will determine your future with the man you love.

Make a promise to yourself before you see him with his new girl that you’ll be cordial and kind. Be polite to her and smile at both of them. Don’t be overly sweet but be sure to give him the impression that you are fine with the situation.

Chat with them briefly and then make a reasonable excuse to leave the conversation. Keep your cool and stay collected.

You want to walk away from the meeting leaving him with the impression that you are fine with him having a new lady in his life.The fact that you don’t get upset, you don’t complain and you are nice will confuse him and make him question what you are feeling for him. This is exactly what you want to happen.

You can control the situation when you are trying to get your boyfriend back, even if he already is interested in someone new. Find out how to do it now.

What to Text Your Ex Boyfriend

I know what you feel like because I was in your shoes at one time. You pull your phone out of your handbag or your pocket, you open your address book... you scroll to your ex boyfriend’s name and you are ever so tempted to send him a text message telling him just how much you miss him.

You want nothing more than to be with him again. You long to feel his arms around you, you miss the smell of his skin, the taste of his lips and the way he used to say your name as he looked lovingly at you. All of that has disappeared since the break up and now all you feel is hollow, alone and terrified that you may never find happiness again.

If you’re like I was, you struggle with finding the right words to text him, so you either put your phone away or sent a simple, text him back“hi”. The worst feeling in the world is when he doesn’t respond. When your phone doesn’t indicate a new text from your ex for an hour, then a day, and then a week.

That pain you felt before is now tenfold and on top of that you feel foolish, and angry that he just ignored you so easily.

I know that all you want in this world is for him to come running back, telling you that he can’t possibly spend another day without you. It’s what I felt too. 

Michael Fiore is my break up hero and he should be yours too. He’s the man who developed a system of text messages that cuts to the emotional core of a man and makes him literally crave his ex girlfriend again.

If a woman sends the right text message that awakens the deep feelings her ex boyfriend still has for her, he won’t be able to resist her. Men put this boundary around their feelings after a break up and only certain triggers can pull those emotions back into the light. Michael Fiore explains how you can accomplish all of this with a series of very specific text messages.

If you send your ex boyfriend the text messages suggested by Michael Fiore, in the sequence he prescribes, the dynamic between you two can suddenly change. It’s hauntingly effective and incredibly simple and the best part is that you can’t say or do the wrong thing because you’re following a proven blueprint.

Michael has a video posted that goes into much more detail about all this. You can watch it here.

Being strong right now may feel impossible, but you will get through this. Relationships have an ebb and a flow to them. You can’t predict the future, but you can take control of your own life.

Again, the video that explains how to use text messages to win him back is here.

Other Tools for You

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Get Your Boyfriend Back Advice

Your Weekly Tip on Getting Him Back

April 27, 2018-  One of the situations that you’re bound to face after a break up is how to respond when your ex boyfriend texts you out of the blue. This is more common than you think and initially you’re going to feel tempted to text him right back telling him that you’ve missed him and wish you two could work things out. Before you do that, take a few minutes to contemplate what is really happening. Quite often a man will miss his ex girlfriend just because he’s lonely. He’s not necessarily wishing they were back together. He’s just alone and feeling that pain causes him to reach out to the woman he was once close to. If that’s you, you’re bound to feel overjoyed and full of hope that he’s been thinking about you. These feelings within a man can be very short lived, that’s why it’s advisable that you wait a bit to text him back. Give it a few hours and then send him a very generic, uncomplicated text. Let him lead the conversation and set the pace but keep your guard up. Remember that you want to rebuild a long lasting, emotionally fulfilling relationship with him, you don’t want to get back into a situation in which he sees you as a temporary fix until the next girl comes along. Stay strong and show him that although you’re interested, you’re not willing to sacrifice your own emotions to fill in the temporary void he’s feeling.