What Does it Mean When a Guy Says He Wants to Take a Break? The Hard Truth

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to take a break? By far, this is the one question that women most often ask me about their boyfriends. It’s one of those very obscure things that men say that we can’t quite understand. We want to believe it means one thing. That’s because all of our well-meaning and uninformed friends tell us it means that our guy is so overcome with desire and devotion that it scares him. That’s the stuff that romantic comedies are made of. You know the movies I’m referring to. They’re the ones where the very good looking man is so conflicted within his own feelings that he pulls back, from the woman who is obviously perfect for him, only to come running back right near the end of the film to proclaim his never ending love. Wouldn’t life be grand if that’s really what a man meant when he wanted a break?

He Doesn’t What to Take a Break Because He’s in Love With You

It’s not though. I’m of the mind that brutal honesty works best when you’re focusing on relationship issues. If you were to ask a man, and if he didn’t think a woman was within earshot, he would tell you that when a guy says he wants a break, it means he’s on the cusp of exiting the relationship for good. It’s true. It has nothing to do with him being scared that he’s falling in love too fast or not being ready for a committed relationship. He wants a break because he wants some time away from you.

I know what you’re thinking now. You’re wondering how this could be possible given the fact that he hasn’t expressed anything negative about the relationship. The reason for that is very simple. Most men are too aware of the ramifications of telling a woman they’re just not that interested in anymore. They’d much rather avoid the confrontation and instead slither off into the distance over time. So many break ups happen this way. The man involved will simply stop spending as much time with the woman until eventually they both come to the embarrassing conclusion that they’re no longer dating.

What NOT to Do When He Wants to Take a Break

You’re not going to fare well if you create a fuss and tell him that you know he’s ready to end the relationship. In most cases, he’s going to deny it and assure you that he just needs time. If you consider the fact that a man in love never needs time because he craves any time he can spend with his beloved, you’ll know that your guy isn’t being as straightforward as he could be.

The best you can do is emotionally prepare yourself for the inevitable. Don’t try and guilt him into reconsidering his desire for space, as it’s only going to affirm to him that he’s made the right decision. I’d also advise against dating anyone else in an effort to push any jealousy buttons within your guy. He’ll see your new found interest in another man as a sign that he’s off the hook because you’ve already moved on.

It can be hard to emotionally stay on course when you feel the man you adore slipping away right before your eyes. Emotions are constantly changing so even though he may feel that today space is what he craves, that distance can serve you well when he realizes that a life without you isn’t what he expected it to be at all.

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